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IoT Platform


Virtual Breadboard (VBB) is a platform for learning, designing, making and deploying microcontroller driven 'smart' electronic and 'internet-of-things' applications.


VBB is a high level design tool which aims to automate non-critical design decisions to create and share more cool stuff faster without having to be an expert at absolutely everything.

Virtual Breadboard Platform

Breadboard Layout

The solderless Breadboard is the industry standard way of wiring up an electronic circuit without having to invest in a printed circuit board. The problem is Breadboard circuits can get messy! Lay it out first in Virtual Breadboard as a reference and a way to share your circuit design.

Power Up

Laying out circuits like a paint program is a nice but when you can bring your circuits to life virtually that's when the magic starts to happen. Teachers can more easily control the learning experience. Engineers can test their circuit designs and software libraries before committing to a build. Content creators can share their solutions for everyone to download and try. Virtualization brings all this and more.

Automated Printed Circuit Board generation

Virtualization is awesome but being able to make it for real takes it to the next level. We specialise is constrained micro-manufacturing of prototypes and small production run solutions. Our approach of directly creating circuit boards from the Breadboard layouts bypasses the traditional pcb layout step making it faster and easier to make stuff.

IoT Services

The internet-of-things has changed the game. Whole new applications and re-imagining of old ones becomes possible. The promise is there but putting it all-toegether can be beyond the range of skills of the small operator. Our prime directive is to seamlessly deliver IoT by integrating our back-end cloud services direcly with your virtualized and deployed solutions.

Smart Integration - Democratising Micro Manufactured Solutions

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